The founders of the company worked in previous years in positions such as fitter,
pipe fitter and welder for large companies located in Slovakia, Germany and other EU countries.

The company's employees have worked but also work as mechanics, locksmiths and
electricians on many interesting projects around the world.

In terms of language skills, RADA Montage Ltd., has part of the staff,
who speak English, German, Hungarian and Italian.

RADA Montage Ltd. provides the following:

Assembly work

- assembly and disassembly of machines and engineering systems

- assembly and disassembly of hydraulic systems and their cleaning

- construction of metal structures

- reconstruction, installation and repair of energy equipment

Electrical work

- assembly, repair, reconstruction, adjustment and testing of electrical machinery and apparatus

- assembly, repair, reconstruction, adjustment and testing of electromechanical systems, production lines and centers

- installation of residential and industrial electrical installations

- reconstruction, repair and maintenance of original electrical installations

- repair, maintenance and installation of dedicated electrical equipment up to 22kV

- manufacture of electric motors, switchboards and cables

Welding work

- welding of metallic materials by various welding techniques

- manual arc welding with a coated electrode

Locksmith work

- manufacture of various metal products

- metal working in a simple way

- manufacture of lifting and handling equipment

Removal of loads, machines and equipment on a turnkey basis from A to Z

- disconnection and disassembly of production lines (loads) up to 60 tons

- relocation of production lines from point A to point B

- assembly of production lines 1: 1

- provision of logistics and subsequent start-up of production lines